Tuesday, 6 March 2012

B-Side problems...

Hello friends,

There appears to be new regulations in the music world! Again! Now, you can only release single songs as singles, no more B-sides. If you want to put out two songs as a single, they are two separate singles, no longer an A track and a B track. It used to be that a single would have as many as 4 songs on it, those were the days when artists could put out the material that didn't make the album for people to enjoy. I guess that Pop acts have trouble with this level of output, since they are manufactured fluff, and having extra tracks to release is not on their agenda. Oh well, this probably isn't that new is it, I'm just well out of touch with it. It's touched a nerve with me, which is appropriate for our single I guess.

So, since we have a B side track prepared, we will release it in another way. It won't be a single, it was never destined for that. But it will be released to the world, oh yes it will.

the B-side gets it's own flappin' cover!
This is the cover for the B-side, not the single, that's the one below.

'Unordinary Day' was the first track that Donny Stax and [adj] (me) did together, it's a nice little tune, but it didn't make the album cut. It was us getting to know how each of us worked and learning to make it gel. Now if that's not the kind of tune that should make up a B-side then I don't know what is. Of course, mainstream artists don't need a learning curve, it's all pre-done for them so they can go learn the choreography for their little swooshy dance number that goes with their [s]hit single 'Oh Baby Yeah', and no B-side is required, putting rubbish remixers out of a job. Good work music industry (sigh).

the single cover, which makes sense, unlike a B-side cover
Sorry to rant on about it, but I feel a little disheartened as an artist, us creatives need ways to express our creativity, sometimes it's not album worthy, but it still deserves to be heard.

We have a second single in the works too, to help promote our upcoming album. We also have a B-side ready for that single, so I guess it will be getting the same treatment as this one and probably it's own flappin' cover.

Oh well, back to it I suppose...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson


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