Tuesday, 20 March 2012

'Unordinary Day' available + 'Lost Soul' with SE 84

Hello frienderinio's

So how's things? You good? Did you get that thing on your neck seen too? What did the doctor say, that you should have it removed? Well, I'd think about it carefully coz life without a head can be pretty tricky.

[adj] adventuring creative update - So, there is some new material that I am associated with that has just become available to the internet visiting people from all around the world. Firstly, there is the B side to the first single with Mr Donny Stax that I done gone and did. The single 'Touched A Nerve' has done amazingly well, having spent three weeks at the top of the download charts even though it's only been available for two weeks, and netting us a 'songwriters of the year' award from no less then Jesus himself, AND he is coming back to present the award in person, the party is next week, bring your own water (Jesus will convert it to something stronger when you get here).

the inverted cover to 'Touched a Nerve'
The B-side to our multi platinum award winning debut single is 'Unordinary Day'.
It can be purchased on Itunes by clicking here or here......... both links go to the same place, but I figure that maybe the second 'here' would be more appealing to some people because of the beautiful line of dots after it, .... ahhh, they sure are soothing to look at, them little full stops in a row, reminds me of simpler times when all life was contained within a single atom.


also in the news, I have gone and recorded a song with another artist from Audio Venom, Mr SE 84, to be included on his upcoming mixtape. As a singer/songwriter I am not all that familiar with the mixtape formula, I tend to think in albums or EP's, but, in Hip Hop it seems that mixtapes are all the rage and I just have to get with the flow bro or else I am in danger of looking like some crusty old man with no street sense innit. Well, I do have street sense because I have been on a street before, many times in fact, and many streets, I have a sense for them...err, a sense of urgency to get off of them and into a nice comfy sofa. Now THAT's good street sense.

Anyway, the track we did 'Lost Soul' will be featured on SE 84's mixtape called 'Belly of the Beast', due for release very soon I believe. I am sure it will go multi platinum just like all the records I have ever featured on have... (ahh, soothing, soothing dots)
Here is a preview version of the tune which you can download for free as well, should you be so inclined.

Also coming up very soon will be acoustic versions of some of Donny Stax & [adj]'s tracks, as well as the second single 'Live Up There' (hopefully with a sweet video to follow). We have been practicing, ready for live performances in front of the millions of people that are clambering to see us live... not long to wait now.

So, in conclusion, this man was dead before the paramedics arrived, and the killer escaped out through the cat flap after having consumed the cats food...I have deduced this from the cats expression.

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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