Wednesday, 7 March 2012

the video shoot for 'Touched A Nerve'

Hello friends,

With the album approaching completion, it was time to start work on all the publicity stuff, you know, standard music fare, bit of video, bit of photo, bit of logo stuff...

'Touched A Nerve' single cover
Our debut single is 'Touched A Nerve' released 9th March 2011, available on Itunes and other music providing places for people that hate Itunes and have not yet fallen under Angel Steve Jobs zombie mind control spell. We made a video for it, and this is the blog about the video shoot.

So, let's walk through the shoot bit by bit and paint the picture for our activities back on the 3rd of March. We had an early start for musicians, meeting at midday. The plan was to shoot mostly outside, and the weather had chosen to be iffy at best, with rain on the agenda from early on. This was a problem, we didn't really want a rainy shoot because we were planning to be where mud was, and mud and rain are good friends, sticking together closely and then hugging shoes and trouser legs for all they are worth. This was not what we had wanted, we wanted nice blue skies and dry dry mud.

Beauty had screen printed up two T-shirts for Donny and me ([adj]) to wear, they have the alien thumbs up logo on, as well as both our names. I quickly slipped into mine and proudly wore it the whole weekend.

We all met up at my place, by which time the rain had stopped (how typically English of me to complain about the weather so much!), we packed up the car and began the short drive round the corner to the park of choice. In typical forgetful musician style, I managed to forget my guitar, so I had to run back and get it (duh!). Peter (the director) and Beauty (my beauty) were on camera duties, stills being lovingly taken by Beauty and the filming being done by Pete. Donny Stax was both star and driver, and [adj] (me) was going to be in it too, but not do any driving because I am not qualified to do that.

We filmed up by this awesome tree that has loads of tree eyes up it's trunk, scars of branches past, limbs hacked from it by either humans with chainsaws or harsh weather conditions (there I go with the weather again!). They looked amazing, and deserved to be filmed. With the song playing to us from a laptop and a camera in our face, Donny and I sung our song in the cold.

After a few passes by the eye tree we headed back to mine for coffee and tea, while there we did a couple of passes of Donny and I sat on the bench out the back.

Once we were full of caffeine and sugar we headed for the car once more to go up to the rolling fields of Brighton known as The South Downs. Pete enjoyed the ride so much, and Dan's road rage, that he filmed us in the car as well.

Reaching the Downs we ventured onto the muddy path with all our equipment and trudged up to where we hoped to find cows. The sun was breaking through the clouds and by the time we made it to where the cows weren't, the sky was blue. It was windy up there though, and there was lots of poop to be avoided, but no cows anywhere. So, cowless, we filmed us playing the song between some lovely electricity towers, while my hair danced in the wind and Donny's hair stayed gelled firmly in position.

Once we made it back to the car and scraped the mud from out shoes and trousers, it was back to Donny's studio for some more caffeine and the final part of filming. We de-shoed and went into the studio, doing a couple of passes of Donny and I playing in front of the computer we mixed on, and then doing a couple of passes of us in front of the microphone in the recording booth. Then we stopped.

Once I got home I was so tired from constant guitar strumming and vocaling that the rest of the day was spent past out in front of DVD's, drinking tea. I didn't care if it rained again, I wasn't going out for anything.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson xx

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