Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Track 9: Kids Play Games

so, on the part 9:


When Macey gave me this song to work on, it was 90% done, the chorus was complete, it just had some space for verse vocals, which conceptually were also already there thanks to the chorus. This was an utter joy to construct, all the swirling backwards guitars and warm glowing atmosphere made me feel like I had turned up to the party very late with the cherry for the cake.

This was going to be the second single for a long time, and we had a great video idea as well, but due to complications and haircuts it never came to fruition.

This was an exercise in recognising child like innocence that permeates deep into adulthood, we are never as grown up as we think we should be, and aren't we all still just kids playing games in the great big sandpit of life? (Some of us are for sure)

This song was worked on in the Bos rehearsal sessions and we played it pretty good, probably the most like the record we managed to get a live version sounding. This didn't effect the recording though, as that was pretty much complete before I got to write the verses for it.

From the live Bos sessions, there were 7 of the songs that we worked on more then the others, they would have probably made up our set if we had done any gigs (which we didn't) and they were: Given Half a Dance, Warpzones, Kiln, Lampshade, 7 Billion, Kids Play Games and Equality. (which just so happens to be the next part of this blogthology)

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)

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