Sunday, 6 August 2017

Conclusion (and Track 13: Chance Encounters on the Stairs)

So friends, the final part, I promise.


When I originally handed Macey the tunes I had been working on, there was over 30 songs, plus we added loads more from Macey and Nick's musical achieve. With that much material, there would inevitably be songs that didn't make the cut and fell by the wayside. Some of those tunes never get touched, some get worked on but then dropped, others come a long way but are just not right for the project as a whole. One such song on this album was 'Chance Encounters on the Stairs', which I will perform for you now in acoustical form.

This song was dropped mainly because there was to much work needed to get it up to scratch, the song itself was fine, but the recording was wonky like a donkey. It might turn up in the future in a more rounded form, who knows, that's the beauty of music...or something like that.


So to conclude, 12 tracks (and another one), the whole album. It was a labour of time and love that I am really proud of, my ego is satisfied. Macey did all the hard work, not me, and he deserves all the credit, Nick as well helped out loads, recording bits and bobs, coming up with some licks and tricks. It has been a collaborative effort indeed, and the videos wouldn't exist without Abi & Mel both working their creative magic.
Also Charlie and Paul require shout outs for all the work in the rehearsal rooms, it is an amazing team of people that have all helped silly old me make a record, I am humbled and overjoyed.

When we had been getting close to completion it kept feeling like there was always just a couple more things to do, to tweak, to tighten, to tinker with. At the final stage, Macey did an amazing Producer display that completed the whole thing. As previously mentioned, 'Pondering' (Track 6) was an interlude song. Macey never worked on it during the development and the version that was to go on the album was my original organ and vocals only one. It didn't fit, when we did our listen throughs to the whole album it stood out. We were considering dropping it altogether. At the last minute, Macey ditched all the music, kept just the vocal, and built a whole new track out of it. It's one of the best on the album (in my opinion), I take my hat off to Macey for making such a beautiful thing.

Thanks so much for all the time you have spent reading this, it means a lot to me, even if I have no way of actually showing you it. Stay amazing in every way :)

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)
Andy covered in UV Paint of all things!
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