Saturday, 5 August 2017

Track 12: Everything is Okay (Live)

so friends, we made it to the last song on the album...


Although the final track on the album has a very singer/songwriter feel, it was actually written in the same way as the electronica ones. I improvised the acoustic guitar and then jammed other instruments over it, it was my 'F' song, originally called 'Focus'.

Since the original version was almost completely unusable, it was decided we would record it live in a studio. I really wanted it to have a raw feeling, stripped down, bare, so we didn't do any rehearsal prior to our studio time. Macey was on piano, Nick on bass and beardy old me (Andy) on guitar and vocals. We filmed it all as well for internet prosperity.

This is the nice little song to end the album, a hopeful happy little ditty, dreaming of a better tomorrow and remembering that actually everything is okay most of the time.

The title is in reference to the work of Danny Shine, a youtube activist that goes out on the streets with a megaphone and a big sign saying 'Everything is Okay'. He's great, you should check him out.
The title is also a nod to Rufus Wainwright, in particular his awesome song 'I Don't Know What It Is', which dreams of a beautiful headline on the New York Times. Also, the line 'As the Google Flies' is an inside joke with my wife regarding sea birds (Googull images!), and the fact that it use to be the crow that was the go to bird, but now it's google maps that do all our flying for us.

So there it is, the final track on the album. I do have one more cheeky lost tune to share with you as well as a Conclusion to this blog, so it's not quite over just yet. But the album is, that's the whole thing, track by track.

Peace and infinite okayiness

Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)

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