Saturday, 30 August 2014

Where's the Time? - (new song about time and where it might be going)

Hello friends,

First off, thank you for being amazing and taking the time to read my little old blog, you inspire me and everyone around you with your radiant awesomeness, please keep existing.
Now, on with it.

Time. It's a funny old thing, just a little 4 letter word used to describe the indescribable. What happens to time? Where is the time? It has me stumped that's for sure, so I wrote a song about it to see if I could get some answers from the great creative streams in the sky. Here it is, 'Where's the Time?'

This track is actually track 5 from my new record. The first 4 songs are up there too, in fact, it's all currently in reverse order. Why have I decided to do this when there are artists starving in other countries? Well, to that I say pish and posh, I can do what I like, it's my music and i'll release it in confusing ways if I want to. For anyone keeping score (which I imagine is 'no one') the track listing looks like this.

Tea in Paradise
Mr Jackson 'Tea in Paradise'
1. Otherwise
2. Take it Easier
3. Tea in Paradise
4. Love Defined
5. Where's the Time?

And the tracks that are still to be released like
vermin from an underground science lab are:

6. Your Decision
7. Pea in Taradise
8. Fish Gotta Dream

They will come out in the next three weeks. Horray!

I might put the record up on itunes, I still haven't decided.

I hope you enjoyed my little time song, if you did bother to listen to it. Remember, the Time Gnomes are real and the jam they make is ever so tasty.

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson ( [adj] )
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