Saturday, 29 March 2014

Jipsy Magic debut album release, and some blessed Truth

Hello friends,

Tonight there is something in the water, Jipsy Magic are releasing their debut album with a live gigging extravaganza at The Haunt in Brighton. Everyone is expected to have their disco shoes on to be prepared to keep on dancing as and when instructed. It will be epic and toes will be hurting. Strange venue name though, but the band didn't pick the venues name, that would have probably been done by the current owner, who might be a ghost expert, or perhaps an ectoplasm enthusiast, who knows, I don't.

Here are the Jipsy Magic boys in action, in a picture.
The album is called 'Something in the Water', so I might not drink any of the free punch that's on offer tonight. I love the guys and their music, but I don't need anything extra in my water. I do want the album though, so I shall be snatching myself up a copy right quick I'll tell ya for nothing.

You too can buy their debut album from places on the internet I would imagine. In fact, I not only imagine it, it is most probably a bonafide fact that you can buy it on the internet. I don't have the exact link because that would involve doing some searching around, and I'm lazy, so you can do that yourself. Can you smell that?

Google probably knows, that thing knows just about everything, smug search engine, always knowing what I mean even when I don't. Here's the Google link here , that's all you get from me on the matter.

I will blog about the album once I've actually listened to it properly and got something to say, since Jipsy Magic are some of my closest friends I feel comfortable giving a proper review.

Also, Truth keeps releasing Black Friday tunes, and they keep getting better and better. So you should check them out as well if you haven't already. Truth has put them all up on his soundcloud for free, so have a listen and support with a download, a comment and a smile.

So how bout all that hey! Awesome beans, some of the finest beans I have ever seens, all available to everyone on the awesome interweb of dreams. I should probably put out some stuff as well, but I don't have anything shareable right now, so you'll have to wait for any new Mr Jackson action.

I do have a head full of ideas though, a whole head full, so many that they are spilling out into my everyday activities. This is not always a good thing, as some ideas that have not been processed and just spill out over the top can be somewhat on the raw side, and have been known to harbour some pretty nasty critters. Lets not dwell on such matters of the filthy mind, it only leads to depravity, and we don't need any of that at this moment.

Peace be with you beautiful reader, now download all this awesome music that is available, do it, do it, do it and do it again.

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson (Andy)

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