Sunday, 2 March 2014

Still winds before coming storms

Hello fiends,

I write this blog as I rock in a chair sat by my epic new view, the still weekend winds have forced the seagulls to bob at the same height as my viewing tower. Okay, it's not really a tower, more like a block of flats, but it is rather fortunately situated as to provide the aforementioned epic views. My beautiful and I moved a few weeks ago, it was a somewhat bumpy journey, as these things are meant to be (or so I'm told). It's not really a tale of great hardships so it shall not be told here.

That's the view, well part of it anyway. I get to feel like an evil genius plotting the destruction of the world from my tower of power. Look at them puny ducks swimming around, ha hah hahhahaha, I will destroy you all with my weapons of the imagination. And you cars, you will bow down before my mighty powers of imagination, you will come to a complete stop at the red lights of doom, and you shall be ushered into my imaginary destruction machine by the green lights of wonder, where you will meet your end (well, I can't see you anymore, so you probably met your end).

To the left side of the flat, there is the sea.  It's pretty big, the sea. It stretches as far as the eye can see, the sea does, my eyes can't even see where the sea ends, it's amazing! I've heard rumours that on the other side of the sea there is this land, called France, but I can't see it, so who knows if it's true.
The Sea, you've probably heard of it, it's pretty famous.

The French probably know, they know loads don't they, clever people.
I'll have to ask them if I see them.

Lots of boats on the sea these days, guess they're pretty much the only thing I get to see out there on the sea. No dolphins doing backflips or killer whales shooting water out of their air holes, not even a sharkfin! Just boats and seagulls, and sometimes windsurfers. None of them today though, it's not windy enough, bringing me round to the title of this here very blog. In all the time I have lived here, it's been windier then an OAP bus on the way home after a visit to the baked bean factory where they had consumed a three course meal in which every course contained a full can of beans. The windows in our flat have been whistling the tunes of the wind, and it can carry a tune, that wind can. Since this is a new place for us though, it has been a little worrying, watching the world get blown away outside the window. This weekend however, has been calm. The wind has gone, maybe to France! (I hope it brings me back some cheap booze).

The still winds can only mean one thing, storms are coming. I base this on no scientific evidence or knowledge, just a feeling, a totally unreliable flaky feeling in my tiny insignificant brain. It's all I've got, so I've got to go with it.

Metaphorically speaking though, for a moment, I am preparing for some big releases, some musical storm all up in your faces, new video's and all that fun loving fun that you love. I am also feeling rather inspired by this new supervillians lair I find myself in, so the creative gloves are back on and things will be getting intentionally messy, metaphorically speaking of course, I'm not a big fan of cleaning so let's try not to make it actually messy.
The ducks are plotting, you can see it in their eyes.

Glad I cleared all that up, time to return to plotting, I know those ducks are up to something...

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson

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