Saturday, 31 May 2014

Contentment is the enemy of Creativity

Hello friends,
A moment in paradise

This has been my slackest year ever for blogging, I am deeply sorry about that, not that you really care, for all I know you accidentally stumbled across this blog while searching for 'enemies of creativity' on the end of a month long cough medicine binge with three of your closest relatives (who am I to judge you, you do whatever you like as long as it doesn't stop anyone else doing whatever they like).

Anyway, for anyone that has been keeping up with my blog this year, I am sorry for the lack of content. I've been busy alright, busy living in paradise with my beautiful girlfriend. That there is the enemy of creativity, paradise. You see, when you have everything as you want it (or at least the majority), the spark of creativity tends to dull somewhat. Now I am rather partial to a bit of creativity, bit of a connoisseur of it, I mean, my blog is called 'Adventures of a Creative', as pretentious as it is. So in the field of creativity I have at least labelled myself as one, I don't have any official degree in creativity, but I do have a large portfolio of created stuff.
Sunset from our tower view of paradise

Creativity is fuelled primarily by the search for paradise in some sense, be it a material or mental sense. Painters have a tendency to paint landscapes and majestic scenery to capture a slice of that paradise to be hung on any wall in any house or flat. To bring this back to me (here we-ego!) my particular brand of musical output of the last few years has had this 'one day, we will' find paradise vibe sprinkled with some levitating cows and positive 'we can do it if we work together' attitude. I have been trying to will paradise into existence through my creative wibblings, and by jove it went and happened.

So where do we go from here?

Nowhere, I'm staying right here for now, and writing a record about it. My plan is to release it track by track soon, over the summer probably, if I don't get too distracted by paradise and it's trappings of loveliness. I plan to explore this experience, to understand paradise and what it means.

Thank you for being here, you are wonderful in all ways always.

Peace and infinite love
Mr Jackson (Andy)
Me and my face in paradise

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