Sunday, 6 October 2013

'Otherwise' update and general goings ons and suchiness

Hello friends,

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case you haven't yet been made privy to the exciting information about the release of the How Bout That Records mixtape, then let me be the one to enlighten you to it's existence and Free download-ability. Just click the link below and download it for whatever price you like, including the limited time offer of 'Nothing'.

You should get it soon, because when I become mega famous it won't be free, it will cost you several thousand future dollars, and you will need it to complete your future collection of my material. Trust me, I'm not a doctor.

On a purely ego centric note, you will find a total of 10 songs on the mixtape, including 3 which include me in conclusively. Track 2 'Otherwise' is me doing my solo thing (more to come on this song later in this thrilling blog), Track 4 'OK Chaos' with Donny Stax and Truth, and Track 10 'We Survived the End of the World' with Donny Stax. I provided guitar duty on 4 and 10 as well, getting all picky and plucky on the fret board of love.

So if you avoided clicking that link above earlier, I offer you another opportunity to get these 3 songs, as well as 7 others for FREE by simply clicking the word squabble-knockers

Right, back to business. I have been busy, pretty busy for a lazy monkey such as myself. I have been making an animated video to go along with the aforementioned song 'Otherwise'. The music for the song was made with a little keyboard by me while I sat on my bed eating chocolate and drinking tea.
I have had help making the video by Abi and Mel, the dream artist team. It looks sweetly awesome, but it taking a loooooooooong time to do. I thought it might take some time, but it's taking some more, quite a bit more in fact, probably more then it should, it's being very greedy with my time. Naughty video, on your rug!

Here are a couple of still images from the process just to prove to you that I haven't just been sitting on my toosh doing sweet nothings with my time.

The song is available already to listen to, as previously mentioned in this here very blog right here. But if you are too lazy to click a simple word such as squabble-knockers then maybe you could click the little play button below instead.

Give me a few more weeks and it will be finished, I promise (to myself more then you). I will have new exciting music and other creative exploits for you all very soon. Thanks for being patient, it will be worth all the waiting.

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson (Andy, [adj], poml, Vocalizer etc)

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