Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Good News everyone! A special weekend is approaching

Firstly, hello my lovely friends,

You are amazing, probably one of the best human beings alive in my humble opinion. I really love you for being you, keep it up, excellent work so far :)

Right, onto the actual Good News (as mentioned in the title of this here bloggington), on Saturday the 7th of September 2013 the little label 'How Bout That Records' will be releasing it's very first collective mixtape. ''What's a collective mixtape?'' I hear someone asking (probably not you reading this, someone else, in another room or something), well, a collective mixtape is a free to download ''collection'' of songs by the artists working under a label banner, in the case of the particular mixtape that this blog is in existence for, the aforementioned 'label' is 'How Bout That Records' and the 'artists' are the people who made the music and that. So it's like a compilation, you know, like the best songs of the month from around the world, except these songs all come from around the road, rather then the aforementioned 'world'. (I've got a bet on that I can slip the word 'aforementioned' into a single blog 7 times without anyone noticing, I'm doing alright so far, got it in twice...thank god no one ever reads the bits I put in brackets)

The artists that are gracing the aforementioned collective mixtape are : Donny Stax, Achille, Lil Blak, Jovivva, Rhys Christian, Kagey-Constance & me (Mr Jackson, formally [adj], or Andy Jackson if you like, just call me whatever the frack you like) with special guest appearances from DGAFM's Truth and Jipsy Magic's Mace. There you go, lots of names for you to remember, I expect you to know them all intimately by the time I release my next blog. There will be a test.

So, this mixtape contains my first solo effort of the year, I am currently beavering away on stuff in the background, but now I get to show you some of my work. I'm excited, I've got goosebumps thinking about it. My solo tune is called 'Otherwise', and I am currently deep in the (very slow) process of making a video for the aforementioned song. Here is the opening still to prove it (I wouldn't lie to you, I haven't lied to you once...except for the goosebumps bit, I didn't really have them)

See, there is no way I could have mocked that up in a couple of minutes, none at all. The video will be along as soon as we get it finished, it will be here first in this very blog (well, NOT this blog obviously, another instalment of this blog, stop taking me so literally okay!). You will be able to hear the song on Saturday the 7th of September, unless you are reading this after the aforementioned release date in which case, you can listen to it now, if you want. You might as well, you managed to read this far down my stupid waffle.

I'm also present on two other songs on the aforementioned mixtape, 'Ok Chaos' with Truth and Donny Stax, and 'We Survived the End of the World' with Donny Stax. Time to get excited, if you weren't already.

Now take a deep breath and give someone a hug. Make sure it's a big one, the aforementioned hug.

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson

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