Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Moon of Life and Death

Big full moon,

A full moon of life and death. Reaching endings and fresh beginnings, marching ever onward through time in a universe that never stays still.

There are two inevitable things about life, things you can't avoid (yet... that could change with the invention of new technology). No. 1 - Change, and No. 2 - Death.

The moon and the sun both act as good analogies for these two seemingly unavoidable facts of life. Over the course of a single day the Earth rotates at such a speed as to give it's inhabitants the illusion of the Sun rising and falling, but in reality the sun is merely rotating around the central point of our galaxy, it does not rise or fall at all. The Sun will eventually die, it won't be tomorrow (probably), but it will eventually meet some kind of end. The Sun will change over time, a much larger time scale then a single human life of course, but never the less, it will go through drastic changes.

The moon has a pattern of it's own, showing itself to us a bit at a time, until it is full, and then removing a bit at a time until it is gone, to once again start showing itself to us. These cycles of change represented to us by the celestial bodies of our solar system can be seen reflected in the cycle of the seasons, and the life cycles of all the inhabitants of Earth.

A cosmic dancing of energy that is taking place on levels both infinitesimally small and infinitesimally large acts as a blueprint for all creation, and every single section of this vast awesomeness is only really capable of interacting and understanding an infinitesimally tiny section of the whole, so as to render it's understanding meaningless and allow for exploration of something new.

So put bluntly, none of us know anything of any worth and we should pay more attention so we could possibly learn a tiny bit more before we all explode one by one like the sun.

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