Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Legendary Jipsy Magic

So friends,

Have you heard of Jipsy Magic? If you have, then good on you, you should buy their EP available on Itunes from here - check out the reviews, seems to be well received. If you haven't heard of them, then, well, they are a 5 piece band from Brighton, UK that have been tearing up the local scene something special. They have been featured in local press and music mags as well, expect them to be hitting the national scene very soon.
The EP - buy it please

So, their debut EP is called 'We Can, We Should, We Will' and as previously mentioned it is available on Ituens by following the link here - the bit that changes when you put your cursor on it
It has 7 pumping tunes on it ranging from the intense frantic nature of 'Double Vision', through their debut single 'Girls In The City' which has a highly amusing video to go with it (see below), to 'Flower Waiting to Grow' (my personal fave, such a groovy track with sweet personal lyrics), to 'Heartbreaker' which is contender for oldest song in the world, to 'Like Like Love' the catchy one that gets stuck firmly in your earworm regions and has you going "like it like this, like it like that" for several hours after initial listening, to "Lindus" which has rapping in it and also a video (again, see below), and ending up on 'Silky Sals Rhythm and Blues".

Jipsy Magic have been playing all of these songs and more live around Brighton and other places for a while now. You should check them out if you get the chance, well worth it in this humble adventuring creatives opinion. Their live shows are often fuelled with a magical music vibe and some hilarious interactions on stage. Chris - the lead singer, comes out with some of the most amusing stage banter ever heard by human beings, and Nick - the lead guitarist and rapper! always tells a very special joke during the Nick Jackson Jokeing Jokers Jambery Fest! Add the fantastic line up of Chalie on Drums, James on Bass and other Nick on Keys and you have one very special slice of music magic...they call it Jipsy Magic.

So, here are their two video's that go with the EP above that you can buy from Itunes on links such as this one right here.

Girls in the City video
Lindus video

So there you have it, a taste of Jipsy Magic, I suggest you now do further research into them and become a rabid fan so you can say you were there in the early days before they became so famous that they won't talk to normal people anymore...

You can check out their website as well at show them the love...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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