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BKS - Truth (FREE music that you need to own)

Hello friends,

I am not big on recommendations usually, I think it's up to individuals to make their own decisions about things, but, there is one thing that I want to highly recommend to you right now. Have you heard of Truth?

Well, if you have, then you can just skip this bit and go right to the download links below and pick up your copy of BKS. If you haven't, then let me enlighten you to Truth. Truth is a rapper/producer who has been cutting up the edges of hip hop for many years on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. His music is years ahead of the competition and he continues to push them boundaries further then most jazz musicians on crack. He is a legend, basically.

I don't need to write anything about him, you are better off listening to him then reading me waffling on.

Best Kept Secret (BKS) - is Truth's new record, and it's free to download from his website
or on bandcamp right here

So now you have downloaded your copy and don't need to read anymore... let the record speak to you...

Okay, well, if you do want some more convincing then here is my review of BKS.

BKS: Best Kept Secret - Truth

13 tracks, with a handful of featuring artists, cutting edge hip hop hitting harder then your ears are probably ready for. The record as a whole
grabs you at the start and doesn't put you down until the last few beats of the final track.

'Legacy 2' starts the proceedings with a buildup that explains what to expect from BKS, setting the stage for the performance you won't be forgetting anytime soon.

'Shark in the Water' has a flow to match it's subject, Truth wraps your mind in the newspaper with the battered fish and chips, jokes, and catchy as duck ("I think we need a bigger ship"). Popping pussies like pringle cans is also one of Truths special powers (this is one of the BKS's that the title refers to).

'Nusrets Nuke' features Sukh & Tex (DGAFM artists who put out the SNT vol.1 this year) just needs to be heard, a sick blending of styles and languages. Thumbs Up to Sukh & Tex.

'Scramble' features MOK and pumps along, full of Truth's wordsmithery and a chorus that kicks doors down with ease, musical doors obviously, metaphorical musical doors, all being metaphorically kicked down.

'Twist My Fitted' opens like a movie, epic, epic movieness. This track pumps along with Truth going raw and showing how he rolls, how he use to roll, and how he's gonna roll. A veteran king of the city all over.

'Game Over' - You talking to me? You talking to me? Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?
the Taxi Driver sample sets the scene for this tune which gives further depth to Truths legacy.

'Out of Range' features Pyrelli and it bounces, sick raps from both Truth & Pyrelli, this is a driving tune, and I was forced to steal a car and break speed limits motorway style just to hear this tune the way it needed to be, at full volume with a blunt and a reckless abandon.

'Susie's Story' is probably my favourite track, a story song that grips you from the opening and takes you into Susie's life, a lyrical painting that etches itself into your skull. Just listen to it.

'BKS interlude' gives you a little break from the heaviness, a bouncy positive uplift before...

'Love Keep Rockin' with Kalenna, a killer tune, deepness, beautiful singing and meaningful words.

'Work Ethic (skit)' - Talent and Skill, put out there for ya...

'Stage Fright' featuring Jermaine Riley, another big epic tune, full of powerful raps, a catchy chorus, and depth. If you hadn't noticed, I've got a lot of love for this record. Finally...

'Sandstorm' brings this epic musical journey to a close in movie style, Matrix real, catchy and as with all of this record, deep and meaningful. This is my other favourite tune on this awesome album.

There you go, a full review, now download it already!!!

Tex, Cito & Sukh - DGAFM
In a time when music seems mainly fluffy and easy, a record like this that pulls so many punches, takes risks and has real meaning throughout is greatly needed. Huge props to Truth and big shout out to Cito for producing this modern Gem.

Keep an eye on DGAFM, they are doing big things...

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Best Kept Secret (BKS) - is Truth's new record, and it's free to download from his website
or on bandcamp right here - I already told you that but I know that some of you skim read stuff and miss the links in the middle of the blog. 

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