Monday, 2 July 2012

Conversation with God - 10 things to think about (Agnostic edition)

Hello friends,

So I was having this in-depth conversation with God and she suggested that I should write down some of our discussion (it was rather one sided conversation, she does talk lots and I don't have much to say back).

Right, now I can see how this might just sound like a load of old pig testicles dangling in a psychopaths bathroom being prepared for human consumption as gourmet sausages, and if that is how you intend to read this then be prepared to tutt and scoff at every mention of God. Brush this off as some religious mumbo doo-hicky from a crack pot who clearly knows nothing about the world and move on with your merry life.

I don't have a religious connection to God, in fact, the word God has been so twisted and tainted by strange notions of man in the clouds smite you down judgement that I originally wasn't going to use it for this blog, but whatever source of energy it is that I converse with in a meditative state, it appears to be much greater and infinitely wiser then me.

Okay, still with me?
Here we go then...

1. The World is always changing and you are just an individual organism sharing the surface of it with trillions of other organisms. You are just as unique, special, wonderful as every other organism, you are not more important then any other organism. Your ego makes you think you are more important, this is a survival mechanism imprinted into all organisms for survival reasons.

2. Death is merely the beginning of your next journey to life.

3. Connections with other organisms for the positive advancement of all involved is a necessary development of life. Cross species interaction even more so then inner species interaction.

4. All of everything is energy

5. Thoughts are energy (because everything is energy!) and have a more fundamental impact on your life then you could ever imagine.

6. Everything that you consume, from food, to TV, to conversation, to reading makes up your energy signature.

7. Every organism that has ever, and will ever, exist has a unique energy signature.

8. Every energy signature has some level of control over themselves, and some level of game rule with which to interact with other energy signatures.

9. Don't give wine to Bonobo's

10. Now smile and enjoy yourself, this is life baby, and it's one hell of a ride!

- Did you make it this far? Well done, I applaud you and give you a cyber pat on the back. Now, make sure you remember number 9, it is the most important one.

Peace and infinite love

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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