Thursday, 12 May 2011

No longer feels like a holiday

Hello friends,

Having now been in the beautiful Dam for almost three weeks now it is starting to dawn on me that this isn't just a little holiday from the office job, this is now my life. That is an exciting feeling, the first glance of which came on Monday morning when the people we are staying with had to get up and go to work! Not me and beauty, we stayed in bed and had another spliff :)

I have been playing my guitar lots, mainly because i have the time, but also because people like hearing it. I am preparing myself to once again enter the world of the busker. I think I'm ready, only time and tarmac will tell. I think I will probably be rather selfish and play mainly my own songs, since I know them and have a terrible habit of completely forgetting how to play covers about a third into them. Hopefully people will throw euro's in my hat as if it were a 'make a wish' fountain (i'll let them rub my belly for luck as well if they put a note in the hat).
Beauty had her first lesson on a bike yesterday, she really enjoyed it and was bombing around like a right little ninja. Once we are on bikes then we really will start to feel our inner Dutch-ness.

I have started working on some new lyrics ready to make another record. Following on from the shed and the apartment I am now planning to collect together another albums worth (probably 12 or 13 songs) and then pick somewhere nice in which to record it. More to follow on this I imagine.

The improv songs of the week continue, they can be seen on my youtube channel here

I am no longer on holiday, this is my life, and this is my blog. Thanks for reading :)

Peace and infinite love

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  1. I did indeed go busking again, and I wrote about it in later blogs, so I won't reiterate it here. I just like comments, and no one seems to ever comment on my blog.

    I wanted comments, and if no one else is going to do it, then I'll do it you go Andy, another comment on your blog ;)