Tuesday, 3 May 2011

the beginning of the adventure

Hello internet friends,

I used to do lots of blogging, load and loads of it, on the old myspace (before it became some weird portal of facebook-rip-offiness). I used to write little ranty articles about sex, drugs, beliefs etc. Well, I am not quite the same hot headed rant machine that I use to be.

Let me introduce myself to anyone that has no idea who I am (so...all of you, right, okay) my name is Andy Jackson, I originate from Brighton in England, but now I am living in the Netherlands with my amazing partner (who shall be known hence as 'beauty'). We moved here, without much, just our creative skills and a bag full of stuff each. Beauty is a mosaic artist, and I am a musician/singer/writer blah blah blah. I do loads of stuff, nothing that has had much impact on the world, but still, I've produced whole bundles of maguffin.

For the last few years I have been working under the names Products of Monkey Love & Vocalizer. Products of Monkey Love (poml) was originally a podcast, but now it is in phase 2 and has been developing since. This blog will be punctuated with bits of poml I am sure. The first part of phase 2 of poml is the improv song for the week. I have already done this for 7 weeks now. Here is the first one recorded back in the shed.

The second phase of new poml is the 'in the ...' series. I used to write lots of guitar songs, but since my band The Little Man split up in 2007 I have been focusing much more on my vocals (hence Vocalizer). I have picked up the guitar again and started writing some new songs, quickly. These will be released in video and music form as and when they are ready. More on that in subsequent bloggings...
here is the link to the Products of Monkey Love youtube page should you want it now POML youtube page

So, now I am sitting in a Guesthouse with beauty in the centre of Amsterdam, an artist trying to work out what to do...it's exciting, and a bit scary as well.

This blog is to capture some of the interesting things that happen to me, in a more writey way. Also it will accompany my 'improv song of the week' thing that I have going on at the moment. I hope you enjoy it :)

Peace and infinite love

Andy x
Andy in the shed (April 2011)

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  1. Wow, this seems so long ago now. Full of excitement for the times ahead. I had a good time in the Netherlands, it unfortunately came to an end early and I was thrown back to the UK. As of now, I am desperately trying to find a way to get back out to the mainland and off this little island of Olympics.

    It's June 2012 when I write this....I will comment again WHEN it changes :D