Sunday, 22 January 2017

'7 Billion' - Cosmic Bos Debut album coming Feb 2017

Hello friend,

Welcome to the little slice of the internet where all the juicy Cosmic Bos news can be found, thanks for visiting, I have news for you. Something to store in your minds eye ready to be called to action when the alarm sounds (it won't be a scary alarm, more like a phone reminder bleep kinda thing), the album that we have been working on for ages will be released next month.

Here's a little promo video we put together to, well, promote the record and all that jive.

The album will be available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and a whole load more, it has 12 tracks including the 3 singles already available.

We are so excited to share this with you, making music is what makes our world go round (not literally obviously, the worlds rotation is linked to gravitational forces produced by that big yellow ball that sneaks through the sky everyday, not the musical activities of a couple of blokes in the UK)

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Thanks for the memories

Cosmic Bos

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