Sunday, 3 January 2016

Cosmic Bos - coming 2016

Hello friends,

So 2016 has begun, and it's time for an announcement. Ah hem (just clearing my blog throat), this year will be the first year of Cosmic Bos.

What is Cosmic Bos? I hear you asking (I have exceptional hearing before you ask how that was possible). Well, it is a new musical experience helmed by myself (Mr. Jackson) and my good friend Chris Mace. I can't really tell you much more right now, but it's safe to say it is exciting and sandwich inducing. There is a big crew of awesome talented people involved as well, this is going to be something that exists and hopefully will entertain a noteworthy percentage of the 7.5 billion people that live on this planet.

We have already got in place a lot of things, but more things need doing before things can be shown to people who might want to see aforementioned things, so sit tight, have a snack, or don't, it all depends on when you last ate.
There shall be a podcast, and music videos, and related albums and singles and doubles and maybe if you are really lucky a blooming triple, as well as acoustic shows, reviews, recommendations and related space stations, rhymes, times, chimes, maybe even some petty crimes involving divine limes, and of course there will be plenty of extra special content plucked from the creative ether (we recently acquired an antique plucking device from a passing traveller).
In this video you can hear the first line of the song 'Lucky Lampshade', just one of the amazing deep and meaningful songs about lampshades that Cosmic Bos has to offer.

You can visit the special Cosmic Bos blog that is devoted to all things Cosmic (and all things Bos of course) it can be found by clicking here, have fun

More things to come soon, but until then, stay warm and healthy, have a banana if you like bananas

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson xx

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