Sunday, 12 July 2015

Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson - Re:fine - available now!

So friends,

You can now get your virtual hands on a copy of the re:mastered, re:tweeked, re:twiddled first album by Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson which was originally called 'Fine', so the re:done version is called 'Re:fine' (get it?! How clever is that!, not very, but still, it's done now).
The re:done cover to Re:fine

With that overload of punctuation out of the way, we can delve into the record and find out some fun facts. Firstly, originally Mr. Jackson was known as [adj]. The original release of Fine had that as his name, but in the years that have passed since then it has become itunes policy to not accept square brackets in artist names, so to be able to even re:release this record the [adj] had to be changed, so Mr. Jackson it is now. Donny Stax has always been an acceptable name as far as itunes is concerned, so that didn't need to be changed.

The last time this album was released it had some skits scattered amongst the songs, they have been removed because they were silly. The re:issue contains only the songs.

The remastering process took a few months and was not overseen by Phil Collins.

So to tempt you into purchasing at least one copy of Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine (from itunes, or amazon, or spotify, or where ever you like buying music) I present to you 'Live Up There' from the very record. This song is about going and living in space, also aliens and stuff, you know, the usual song themes.

When we released Fine the first time, this song was played on radio quite a few times, it never made us rich though, or famous, or indeed anything, it didn't even make us a cake or biscuit. With your help though (and money) it could one day.

Here is the amazon link Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine
Here is the itunes link Donny Stax & Mr. Jackson Re:fine

So there you have it, re:fine. Get your copy now while download stocks last (they can run out apparently, or so my mate told me)

Spare canisters of air on standby,
Peace out
Mr. Jackson

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