Sunday, 10 May 2015

The 2015 plan (and how it's coming along)

Hello friends,

We are already a nice chunk into 2015 (and if you are reading this in the future it is quite possible the whole year is long since finished and the ants were successful in taking over the planet, all hail the Ant overlords!) so it's time to share the plan.
Note to self :
Remember to breath.

If you have come here hoping for some insider information into the workings of the world, then you are in the wrong place, this is a big plan, but it's not a global conspiracy kind of plan, it bares little to no resemblance to any secret sinister cabals working in underground bunkers, and it contains very little information about the impending insect uprising. This is more of a personal plan of what I (Andy Jackson) will be doing this year.

Just to quickly bring anyone new here up to speed, this year has already been a cluster-crumpet of things happening (to me). The first part of the year has been mainly spent creating new material, which is still not in any state to share with the world, it's just taking a shower, then it's probably going to take a few months to get dressed and sort out it's make up before strutting out onto the world stage. Estimated time of arrival : August this year. More details to follow.

The other first part of this year has seen the release of my mini-album 'Tea in Paradise'
This is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and the like. You would be doing me such an honour if you bought a copy of it, and obviously you would be putting your money into an independent musical tributary rather then the main-stream (little water gag for you there, free of charge, unlike water).

There are 8 original songs on the record, including the massive hit single 'Otherwise' (it was a massive hit in an alternative dimension, trust me). It was all made independently by independent people (mainly me, and some production assistance from Mr. Donny Stax).

This leads me nicely onto my the next bit of the plan. Since 'TiP' is available I plan to release some acoustic busker versions of the songs, not all the songs (some can not be done acoustic), but there will be me and my red guitar versions of 'Take it Easier', 'Love Defined', 'Where's the Time?', 'Your Decision' and 'Fish Gotta Dream'. The title track 'Tea in Paradise' was written around an improvised organ piece so doesn't really translate well into a guitar song, and 'Otherwise' sounds really empty and boring on guitar (in my opinion, and since I'm the one recording them, I get to decide, so meeeh).

Coming up next month is the release of Donny Stax & [adj]'s remastered record 'Fine - Special Edition'. Originally released back in 2012, 'Fine' represents the forming of How Bout That Records and contains 12 original hip hop with a chorus guy tunes. Donny Stax and myself (under my artist name [adj] rather then Mr. Jackson) have used the skills we have picked up in the 3 years since making the record to go back in and tweek it up to a new level. More details in the upcoming weeks.

Right, I had better get back to practice and let you get on with your day, thanks for your time, love ya.

As a treat for being so nice and reading this far, here is an acoustic cover of Space Oddity by the amazing David Bowie.
Peace and infinite love
Mr. Jackson

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