Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tea in Paradise available from all good online music stores (and some bad ones too)

Hello friends,

So, Tea in Paradise, the record by Mr. Jackson (that's me, the guy writing the blog) is available to buy from all good online music stores (and several bad online music stores too). I would love it if you bought a copy for yourself, and then get several more copies for your friends and family, also maybe get a couple of copies for your pets (the album has tested positive with most species of house pet, including but not limited to: cat, dog, bird, lizard, house monkey, albino snails, rodents (both wild and lab variety), and of course the tiny hippo).

So, with purchasing up to 25 copies in mind, here are the relevant links:

Itunes - - Itunes is the most famous place to get music from these days, or so I am told by this iphone that stalks me in my dreams. If you go to itunes and search for 'Tea in Paradise', it will come up, because it's there (i've seen it with my own nose).

Amazons - (link not available yet, it's coming apparently, or so the monkeys tell me)

Googles - GooglesTeainParadiselink don't forget, Google sees all you do, they know everything so we might as well just surrender and buy a copy of Tea in Paradise from them directly.

If you're a total Geezer and like to use Deezer then you need this link here - apparently it's album number 10166304, which is such a high number I don't even know how you say it, but I think it might be a lucky number in some cultures.

Tea in Paradise is also available in loads of other places, ones that you probably know more about then me, so next time you are browsing the spotification napmaster mp3land just give 'Tea in Paradise' a little purchase, every time you do a kitten is saved (it's some agreement thing going on, I can't really discuss it here).

So what are you getting for your hard earned dollar? Well my friend, you will be getting this:
 Tea in Paradise - by Mr. Jackson

This was the album I made last year, who am I? well, my name is Andy Jackson, and I make music, I've been doing it for a long time, this is a mini album (think midgets) I made last year. It has 8 songs on it, all of which I wroted myself using my brain and that.

I also made a video for the song 'Otherwise', it can be found later on in this very blog, be warned though, the video will entice you in further and may cause you to purchase as many as 300 copies of the record (it has been known).

So that itunes link you were looking for is right here by clicking the word here or there

also Tradio has a page of my music

Wow, so many links, so little time to buy so many copies of the same record, you had better get cracking. Thank you for your time.

Oh yeah, just quickly, I forgot to tell you that you are AMAZING and you need to remember that, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, they don't know anything, take it from this random blog by a busker with smelly feet.

Here is the 'Otherwise' video I promised you earlier, go buy a copy of Tea in Paradise, peace out.

Mr. Jackson
(more blogs about new things coming soon, I ya)

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