Sunday, 6 July 2014

Prepare for Paradise

Hello friends,


Yep, I'm going all hashtag, finally figured that pretending that something is actually an entity in it's own right might help spread the word. You may have already guessed that I have no idea what I'm doing, just fumbling along hoping it will all make some sense as it comes together, which will be very soon. The pieces are in place, and the places are in pieces, so it's about time some kind of creative ejaculation hit the internet in the face.
The hashtag looks a bit like a teabag don't ya think?

Tea In Paradise - Coming soon.

I am releasing a record, not a long one, just a little old 8 tracks, all tied together with a theme. That theme is Paradise (well duh!) and how to achieve it. I want everyone to get involved and share their paradise, I want you to get involved and share your paradise. I want the whole world to wallow in the awesomeness that is this existence, sharing our happiest times and our paradise.

We already do share our paradise via facebook and myface and youface and twoface, so why don't we all find our unity in it. We all love life sometimes, even the most hardened life cynic must crack a smile or giggle at something silly once in a while, and we can all share that joy. The world is very good at sharing fear and anger and pain, but seems to have trouble sharing joy, happiness, love and connection. I want to change that, so I am doing the only thing I know how, writing about it. The only difference this time around is that there is a hashtag involved.

So #TeaInParadise will kick into gear very soon, just wanted to give you insider readers a heads up so you can find your paradise and be ready to share it. We have a duty to our species to show that we are actually in love with life, and we aren't afraid of happiness.

Join me everyone for a tea, in paradise. (Coming soon)

Peace and infinite love

Mr Jackson (Andy, [adj])

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