Monday, 13 August 2012

Need a Hug? - then come on in :D

Hello friends,

Share the love, that's what I always say, or write on this occasion. What goes around comes around, and a Hug shared is a Hug received. Now, I know that's just standard bilbo that gets shafted down our mind holes regularly, but there is some truth in it. Especially the hug bit.

Give someone a hug, the next person you see, I guess, because of cultural practices you should probably ask them if you can hug them first, and if they say no to your hug offer, then don't be offended, just take your hug with you to the next person you encounter. The best thing about hugs is that they are almost limitless in all ways. You can't kill a hug, and even if you could it would be back again in a different form straight away.

So, here you go, have a special [adj] Hug from me...
See what I did there, I gave your ears a Hug. Now take that hug and pass it on to everyone you can. You don't have to share my song with everyone, but share the sentiment of the importance of moments of connectedness with other human dwellers of planet awesome, or just have a Hug. You can hug tramps as well if you like, I know that they would love it ;)

We are all in the together, if we like it or not.

Peace and infinite Hugs

[adj] - Andy D Jackson

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