Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Storm is coming - Be Aware (not Beware)

Hi friends,

My readership is relatively small, so I know this won't be reaching too many people, but still, I feel it is important for me to share my thoughts with everyone that I can.

Something is coming, and I shall call it a storm (coz everyone else is).

There is a lot of action and anticipation surrounding a possible false flag incident at the London 2012 Olympics, ranging from a possible nuclear terrorist act, to a bio terrorist act, to even an alien invasion. Ladbrokes are even accepting bets on the alien contact one, I guess they think that aliens are big fans of competitive sport or something, I'm not sure. These possible attacks could very well hit the London Underground or the overpriced suspiciously illuminati based Olympic Stadium, creating the perfect formula to usher in the New World Order. The Olympics is nearly over, but the special olympics is soon to begin and no doubt there will be many predictions about something happening then too.

These are the buzz words of both the establishment at large and the conspiracy theorist working to expose the power elite and their inhumane plans to control us all.

Now I have watched and read lots of material on this subject over the past few weeks, and I am still not sure what of it I believe, but I do feel it is prudent to BE AWARE that something might very well be brewing now. The illuminati and freemason symbolism that is plastered rather blatantly over the whole Olympic affair does give credence to the theories that something is going on.

Regardless of all that, I wish to speculate on the reasons behind such a control system rather then the system itself. As each of the big institutions constructed by the last age of man come crashing down under their own greedy weights, something must arise from the ashes and take it's place in history. Societies throughout time all have one very special thing in common, they collapse at the end. Name me one society that has managed to maintain a grip of it's structure for longer then a few hundred years, or at most a few thousand... regardless of it's lifespan, society always collapses.

From every social collapse rises a new society to take it's place. The new society invariably always tends to take the best elements from the previous society and try to build something better from it. We are at the end of our current societies usefulness, it is time to tare it down and start again without the need for lots of wars and violence.

The wars and violence, hatred and fear are the things that are currently damaging to our society, and we should grow up and stop acting like petulant children towards each other. Every nation on this planet has one thing in common, they are stuck on this planet. One world working together for the benefit of all is the ultimate aim of society, and we can achieve this without falling into the traps of our current social structure or a dominating New World Order run by the same criminal SOB's that have control right now.

The human genome is going through a cosmic upgrading, bought about by the continual cycling of energy throughout the universe. Like a ripple from cosmic central hitting the planet and unlocking for us further parts of our own DNA. We are becoming the god like creatures we have always dreamed of becoming. The power elite want to stop this from happening, hence the constant bombardment of our brains with violence, disagreements, advertising etc. They don't want us to evolve, and they have been doing a number on us to make sure it doesn't happen.

We are reaching critical crunch time, where we will expand our perception and awareness to encompass a much large level of interactive understanding amongst our own and other species on this planet, it is already happening right now, people are changing the world over faster and faster. The levels of ignorance are dropping, and the Power Elite have noticed it and are doing everything they can to distract us from it. But enough of us are not distracted, and the energy of our evolution into space travelling beings is here now.

Our DNA is unlocking for us some great abilities, they have been encoded in us for as long as the species has been in existence, and they unlock at the appropriate time within the collective experience to assist us to the next level. We need to have deeper levels of communication and interaction to be able to have any understanding about the world around us. The belief systems that have developed over time are being challenged in all areas by other belief systems, and all science is slowly merging into one super science that will recognise the connectedness of all things and stop focusing in on specifics of individual areas.

We will become something entirely new in a short period of time, so buckle up, this is a bumpy ride.

Just some thoughts there, take what you like from it, have a good cycle round the sun.

Peace and infinite love

Andy D Jackson

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