Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Riot - Track 1 on 'In the Light of the Goddess'

So friends,

From back on the island I will be releasing my Autumn record, 'In the Light of the Goddess'. That's not on island records, I don't have a record contract. If you want to give me one, or know anyone that wants to give me money for my music, then please email me and tell me.

Anyway, the first track on the Autumn record is called 'Riot'. I wrote this song in reaction to the riots happening in England over the summer, but the general theme of it is conflict so it's not really London Riot's specific. If it had been more specific then I would have named it London Riots.

Riot - track 1 on 'In the Light of the Goddess' by [adj]-Andy D Jackson

This was the first tune from the record to get live airings, having been debuted at the Art show in a Squat Bank (of which video exists on the interweb) and then played as a Duet with Sylvia Ouwens at the old Pothouse in Utrecht. Originally Sylvia was going to record her vocal for the record version, but time and illness meant we didn't get a chance to do it. So I added a female vocal version of myself to it instead.

I made a video to go with it too, showing old riot footage from America. It seems that Riot's aren't exactly anything very new.

As we move into the winter months, I will release the rest of the record while I start work on the winter album. I already have a couple of idea's bashing around in my head that need to be turned into songs, so the pen and paper are at hand to catch any spilling thoughts.

Peace and infinite love to you all

Andy x

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