Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In the Right Place (Summer Album) Remastered

So friends,

The almighty 11:11:11 is almost here (or gone now, depending when you read this) and I have the remastered version of In the Right Place available from bandcamp for a small fee.

At the end of the month I will release my Autumn record 'In the Light of the Goddess', but until then you will have to make do with my Summer record again. It has been tweaked a little here and there, but there's not much you can do with just one voice and a guitar.

If you do have a few pennies to spare, I would be most grateful of a sale or two :)

Here is the video version of it in it's entirety. Thanks for listening.

I am currently deep in the recording of the next one, I have upped the anti a bit and am adding extra bits on top of the vocals and'll have to wait to hear it though. Then I should be ready to start writing my winter record.

So far this has been an exciting year of creating, and as I get to the final stretch it's refreshing to see what I've managed to do so far to get here. Being an adventuring creative is quite hard at times, emotions can run high and situations can get tense if not properly calmed. I look forward to the reflective nature of winter.

Peace and infinite love

Andy x

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