Sunday, 16 October 2011

Art show in a squat bank

Hello friends,

So on Sunday 9th of October I went with The Fongster100 to Amsterdam to play in an artist's squat on Bos en Lommerweg. There were several open houses/places where art was being displayed, all around the area. We were in a former bank, with a big safe (not full of money though - I wonder if it was a symbol of all other banks!).

Awesome art by Mirdije and Robert
This was to be the first gig that I offered my busking CD 'in the making' to the public, I had only previously had it out on my guitar case while busking (without making a sale) so I was hopeful I might make a few euro. The space was amazing, full of art by both the curators Mirdije and Robert as well as a few other artists (whose names escape me, sorry guys!). 

There was a rug set up as a performance space, as well as a cooking station where Robert cooked up some of the best pancakes ever made in the history of art shows in squat banks. There was a calm beautiful atmosphere about the place, and at several points throughout the day I had to go and look around at all the awesome artwork again, and again.

I set myself up just as I would in the street, with my guitar case on the floor, CD's lined in front of my shoddy '€5 only' sign, my hat with some loose change in it, my water bottle and my book of songs (I have far too many songs to remember them all, plus I do like to smoke pot quite a lot). I decided to play it like a busker, to begin with. So I played a few on my own songs and then many of the covers that I have been lining the streets with.

After I played a set for half an hour, The Fongster100 did a set, but he didn't take to the carpet, and people seemed to pass him by. Also, he wasn't amplified, and he only had an electric guitar with him. We rectified that for the set he did later, plugging him directly into the PA system. The sound carried nicely around the space, bouncing back enough to be a warm reverb, but not too much.

Robert setting up the Fongster100 (who is also called Robert)
The day continued with another busking set by myself, and then another by The Fongster100. I managed to sell a total of 6 CD's, not bad for their first airing. I also debuted a new song there, 'Riot', which will be included on my next 'in the...' record. It went down well, and a video of it can be seen on my facebook page.

We checked out the big safe at the back, and decided it would be an excellent place to record, so possibly, if it stays a squat for a little longer, we will get to record in the safe.

The event went so well that I am working out when I can go back there and record a whole busking set, for my new upcoming project 'Busking Online'. More details to come on that one very soon.
More Amazing Art 

It rained all day while we were there, spitting rain, not big heavy rain, but still, it got you wet. Lots of people still came through the show though, which just goes to prove that the Dutch are hardcore art lovers, no weather will stop them taking in a bit of culture.

Peace and infinite love

Andy x

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