Thursday, 6 October 2011

Andy Jackson - 'in the Making' (a busking album)

Hello friends,

My busking adventures around Holland have taught me a lot, the main thing being that street performers don't often receive the respect they deserve (but, in this world that's nothing surprising right?!). The best (and worst) street performers tend to have some merchandise available next to their hat for any 'customers' interested in taking something away with them from their street based musical experience. Most often of course the merchandise available is a CD (I have seen cassettes as well believe it or not). So, I have decided I really should join this CD selling trend, since I have been involved in the making of several CD's of original material in my time.

But what should go on a busking CD? This is a tough question. Beauty and I discussed it at length, and decided that probably the best way for me to go with this was to record some of my busking covers, and then add some of my own original songs as well. That way I can pimp my own material on people a bit, but still give them the songs they recognise, know and love.

20 copies of my busking record, all with unique covers
So here it is 'Andy Jackson in the Making', my busking record. Available where ever you find me with my guitar, usually in Utrecht or Amsterdam. For only €5 you can own a unique copy of this very rare, hand crafted record. It contains half busking covers and half originals, the track listing is as such

1. You Can Call Me Al - the Paul Simon classic song, done in my acoustic street performing way. This song often earns me a good wack, so I tend to play it earlier in my busking sets.

2. All You Need is Love - the Beatles original, this one has been in my busking set since I first went round Europe with my friend Ali. It was a good earner back then, and it still is to this day.

3. High & Dry - by Radiohead, my acoustic version of this song makes me a pretty penny on the streets, I think it's because of the high singing bit :)

4. Not a Job - by Elbow, this song isn't that well known, but I do love to sing it, and spread the word of how awesome Elbow are where ever and when ever I can.

5. The Ballad of John and Yoko - the Beatles again, this one is fun to sing as well, but is more well known then Elbow. I make nice money for this song too.

6. Songs of Love - by The Divine Comedy. This song probably isn't that well known either, but it does contain the theme tune to Father Ted as the middle eight, which I always sing in a 'doo, doo', doo' way. It makes me think of Ted :)

7. No Worries - now on to my original songs, this one was from 'in the right place' and is about not worrying about everything if you can help it.

8. Out the Back Smoking - this was from 'in the shed'. I often busk this song as it has a nice walking pace to it's strumming. Makes me nice money too, even though it's about smoking.

9. Another Email - this is my Bob Dylan busking protest ranty song, although I don't busk it that often because it is not that upbeat. I make more money for my upbeat stuff.

10. Prime - I never busk this song, it's from 'in the right place'. I do this at open mic nights and gigs though, it goes down a treat in those environments.

11. Cat Found a Home - The Cat's demanded I put this one on.

12. Count Your Blessings - This is one of the songs I busk from time to time, it makes a euro or two. The chorus is big and bold, and there's lots of strumming involved so it holds it's own on the streets.

13. Salt - Not a song I busk, but one that goes down well at gigs/open mics etc.

14. Sleep - This song I would never even attempt to busk because it is all pretty and high, not bold and in your face. I put this as the last track because the mix I did of it is all spacey and echoes.

So that's it, the full track list of 'Andy Jackson in the Making'. Come and find me, pick up a copy :)

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