Friday, 19 August 2011

The Low Planes and Midget Golf (but no midget in sight!)

Hello friends,

My adventuring continues, I am now writing some more songs (like you do...well, like I do I mean) and soaking up the Amsterdam atmosphere. Also getting back on the blog train and writing out what's a been'a happenin'a (...sorry about that, the spirit of Mario took control of my 'A' key'a).

The main thing we have found recently is Amsterdam's secret mega awesome park that no one seems to know about. In fact, I probably shouldn't be writing about it for fear of everyone and their dog finding out about it's amazingness and all swarming to the beautiful revolving yellow gates.

There is a big sign on one of the entrances that says 'PARK' in huge letters, so I guess it isn't really a secret, just a place that not many people go to, even though it is amazing.

(Amsterdam's secret garden)

It has become our spot to go for spiritual discussions, energised meditation and future planning. As an adventuring creative, I tend to live life very day to day, my plans are bigger then that of course, but with so much new stuff happening everyday, I can't really plan much further ahead then that. Using my energies in this way has been very liberating, no longer being tied to a routine of repetitive uninspiring menial tasks.

Other things take over the mind, different priorities, different worries and fears. It seems wherever I go, these things find a way to pull on my ankles. The ground keeps me grounded just as my dreams remain dreamy. In Amstelpark there is a spot down by the Amstel river which has an old windmill as part of the view. It is an amazing spot, picturesque, brimming with romance and joy. We sit there and let our imaginations fly with the birds. This moment of bliss is punctured every ten minutes by a low plane, crossing the picturesque scene like a fly doing backstroke in a bowl of nettle and mint soup. The noise splits the sky as the plastic willy with wings lumbers right through the middle of the calm. After a minute it has gone (it's probably not even that long, it just feels like it) and calm returns once more. After another minute the memory of the intrusion has past...and then another eight minutes later the next one comes and bliss is shattered again. I bet kids would love it, but I don't have kids (that I know of) to share it with.

The Dutch have special golf for Midgets, which
is really nice of them :)

I wonder if Midgets would be as excited by the planes as children? I expect not, as excitement level tests have clearly shown that excitement is not linked to height in any way, shape or form. Regardless of that, there is one place in Amstelpark that both children and midgets alike can be expected to achieve relatively similar levels of enjoyphine release. The Midget Golf. Oh yes, a place where midgets are given priority over larger people in the fine game of small white dimply ball hitting into a small hole through a tiny obstacle. I hope that midgets get a special discount, I will try and find out. It is now my dream to see a midget playing midget golf, I would stay the whole course to enjoy the alignment of rightness that it would bring to the universe. 

One day, oh yes, one day...

But not today, at least, not when I was there. I'll keep checking :)

Try not to read this last bit if you can avoid it, it contains the word phlegm, and that word can alarm some people.

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