Tuesday, 9 August 2011

(break in scheduled programming)

Hi friends,

A quick break from the release of my new songs to give you an update on this travelling creatives adventures. Beauty and I are now back in Amsterdam, we hot tailed it out of Den Haag after some rather funny business with our landlord. Now we are lodging in the American sector of Amsterdam, just by Martin Luther King Park and President Kennedy Straat (or Assassination junction as I have named it), we are here for the month, then, we don't know...we shall see :)

So I have started writing again, some new new songs on the horizon. I played a gig on a rooftop with an amazing violinist, it was an art show, there was cool bits of art scattered around, and other musicians playing and such. A great day was had, especially in the carpark bit underneath where the reverb was immense! It got me to thinking I could do with a band...so the feelers are out for a new Amsterdam based band :)

Onwards and Upwards...
Me and Chiana (my guitar) in Amsterdam

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