Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hello lovely friends and earth colleagues,

Big things have been happening all over the world, seems like you can't turn your head to look at something amusing to the left without something life changing happening just out of view to your right, we need some new approaches to living if we are to ever understand this chaotic world.

Fear not fellow human, for freshness is coming, scientists and engineers have been tinkering with things, I can't be more specific then that, I am not an insider, just a dreamer with a laptop, but still there is more to be hopeful for then fearful of, trust me I'm a badger.

The inverted cover to the verted album
Well, anyway, I can tell you about the exciting new changes coming to Cosmic Bos, we will be getting a flashy new look (at some point when we've actually designed it), and new material will be dropping all over the internet like fish sometimes do from the sky. Nick Jackson has officially joined the Cosmic Bos crew as a full fledged member. We had the initiation ceremony last week (videos were posted but removed by the Men in Plaid).

Chris and I (Andy) had a little look over all the material we have stored up in the electronic vaults, added Nicks material to it, did some swift calculations and deducted that we have lots and lots of music. Now we need to get it out to the world, Gia deserves to hear what we have done (we will put some speakers out in a forrest for her, so she gets a proper 4K music experience).

Bos is going to get Groooooooovy (with a few less 'o's)

Before that though, I (Andy) wish to share with you the journey we went on making our debut album '7 Billion', it was a fun journey, and we got an album out the end of it. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be posting the track by track breakdown, I hope your eyes spend some time reading the words, and your ears spend some time listening to the songs that the words are babbling on about.

It should be fun, and if it isn't, then don't read it, no one is forcing you to (unless you are living in some kind of robot utopian future where humans are forced to read pointless old blogs on the internet to help power the robots futuristic WD40 production plants)

Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson from Cosmic Bos

P.S - if you are interested in spending some sweet sweet cash on music you heard on the internet, then here are some links you will probably find appealing in some way:

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