Friday, 12 May 2017

Equality - Cosmic Bos Acoustic

Hello dear friend,

how's it going? all good I hope? Nothing serious to report? (if so, please feel free to vent in the comment box below, it's what's it's there for after all).

So Cosmic Bos is mainly an electronic musical project, we have been building songs with a bigger vibe as it were. Our album '7 Billion' is a beaty affair, full of blips and blops and all that jazz (there is no jazz though). I (Andy Jackson) began my musical exploits as a singer/songwriter, strumming away on my instrument and belting my words from the top of my lungs (I later discovered that it is best to use the whole lung for belting words, not just the top part), and in this modern world of electronics and the like, it seemed only right to return to the roots of it all.

That's what this is, this is the start of the Cosmic Bos acoustic revolution, it's being stripped back, the covers are coming off, the hood is being exposed, and, oh, what do we have here? it's a balding bloke strumming a guitar (how original!).

The song, is called 'Equality', and it's about maths, and equality in general (but mainly maths). You can hear the pumped up version on the Cosmic Bos album, link below:

Making music is a lot of fun, it's very therapeutic, soothes the soul, and one hopes when making music that it doesn't offend anyones ears. But, what is music to one person is trash to another. No one ever really comments on my stuff, so, it could easily be either, I don't know, it doesn't really matter anyway, life is but a fleeting glimpse of possibility.

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Thanks for being wonderful,
Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)

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