Saturday, 4 February 2017

Cosmic Bos 7 Billion available now (links inside)

Hello beautiful you,

Thank you for dropping by this little slither of the inter web, here you will find the purchase links for '7 Billion' the debut album by Cosmic Bos.

Links a plenty:

So why should these links be of any interest to you? Well, they offer you the chance to listen to and then buy this album that we made. We worked really hard on it, it's taken a couple of years to get it all ship shape and proper looking. But now it's all done, and you can use any of those lovely links above (or below) to pick up a copy for yourself.

We are just a little group of musicians making tunes, not some big pop star team of super sexy robots (although, that would be pretty cool, I could be a robot of some kind, maybe not a sexy one though). So, human music for human ears.
In the act of buying our music you are sticking it to the man, your transaction gives 100% of the money back to us (the artist), there is no person in a suit and tie syphoning off a large slice of the pie (okay that metaphor was terrible, I most hum-belly apologise), also it is border crossing madness, this album if downloaded in America for example, is an immigrant set of songs going over there, taking their airwaves, using up that good old fashioned American electricity and not giving a damn about where its come from and what it should be doing with it's life.

Right, that got well off track, sorry about that. So there are lots of songs in the world, probably not quite 7 billion yet, but maybe, I haven't heard that many of them. But there are currently over 7 billion people living and breathing on this here planet, that's a lot of people. Every single one of them (including you and me) has something to contribute, let's not forget that our single perspective accounts for 0.00000047 of the worlds population, even the most influential people alive today still only get heard by a tiny percentage. You could spend your whole life investigating one minute of one day and you still couldn't see all the information about it.

Please consider purchasing a copy of our album '7 Billion', we worked hard on it, you deserve to spend a little bit of money, you've had a hard day, go on, treat yourself,
To do a bit of enticing we have peppered this blog with a couple of the songs in video form, showing off our visual prowess as well, merging the forms and all that modern doo-hickey.
All of these songs are on the album, all of them! There are 12 in total, what a bargain.
Bandcamp even allow us to embed the thing here for you so you can have a cheeky little listen before you invest that small amount of cash.

Well worth a quick visit to one of these fine links to purchase the whole lot for just a few dollars/pounds/dreams

Thanks for all the support

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos

P.S - come back soon for some saucy treats  (winky face)

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