Sunday, 16 October 2016

What is Cosmic Bos? And why should I care?

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So, Cosmic Bos... what does that mean?

Cosmic means...well, cosmic! spacey, the Cosmos, you know, all that cool trippy Carl Sagan stuff.

And Bos...that is actually Dutch for Forrest. But it also sounds exactly like boss, so it means that too. It can mean both things if it wants to.

What is Cosmic Bos? And why should you care?

Good questions internet, let me answer them for you, well, Cosmic Bos is an alternative electro musical outfit from Brighton, UK. Consisting primarily of Andy Jackson & Chris Mace, Cosmic Bos attempts to explore this cosmic universe around us through music, and being the Bos.

You should care because it is in your nature to care, by showing some care and attention you are fulfilling a life long need to offer help and support to your brothers and sisters on this amazing planet.

So far there are two singles available by Cosmic Bos.

Given Half a Dance

Buy now on iTunes (just click that lovely link) and Amazon (click this lovely link too)

Lucky Lampshade

Also you can get Lucky (Lampshade) on iTunes and Amazon. (also spotify and all the other ones)

These two songs do give you an idea of what Cosmic Bos has in store, there are plenty more songs where these two came from.

So the soundcloud bit looks quite empty at the moment. But I assure you we are nearing the end of the album mixing and mastering, and another new song will drop in the upcoming week to help whet your appetite for the debut album.

Coming Friday 21st October 2016 will be 'Stump the Fee!', the third single from the upcoming album '7 Billion'. This next song is a message song, wrapped up in a banging dance floor beat, examining the state of the world/environment, and who is being asked to sort it out (quick clue, it's us!)

@cosmicbos is the Facebook page that lovely a like if you have one spare.

Okay, with that out the way, I need your help. I am trying to work out what genre and sub genre and sub sub genre (and so on) that Cosmic Bos fits into. Please comment either directly onto this very blog or on Facebook or twitter etc. What artists do you think Cosmic Bos sounds most like? Try and give me 3 if you can. Thanks, you are really helping me out. Now help yourself to an extra life (if any remain)


Peace and infinite love

Andy Jackson (Cosmic Bos)

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