Saturday, 28 February 2015

5 Shocking facts that will change your life forever

Hello friends,

We all want meaning, something tangible to hang our experiences on, shocking revelations that will free us from our personal prisons, liberate us from our burdening questions and deliver us to some place  new, wiser and less prisony. You have come here for facts, shocking ones that will change your life forever... so here they are...

1. Truth is a lie

Anything you think is true, isn't. It just isn't true, you think it's true, but in reality all truth is merely a guess, filtered through a device, in this case, you. Human beings are tools to experience existence, and truth is relative to the tool experiencing it.

2. Nothing is real

That's right, none of it, not a single thing is real. Everything is the same, it's all energy spinning around, jiggling about, bumping into each other and creating further energy to join the dance. Our reality is motion that never stops moving. Reality is just another human truth/lie

3. You are usually right

Even when you are horribly wrong, you are usually right. You are always both wrong and right, there is no separation, both of these are just human truth/lies. Every decision we make is the right one, the outcome might not be favourable, but it will always be the way the energy intended to jiggle.

4. Pay attention more

This energy dance gives out lots of clues, like a giant complex puzzle waiting to be solved. Pay close attention, especially in the moments that you usually switch off, that's when the magic happens, when you aren't paying attention.

5. Don't pay attention to me

What do I know? Nothing, well, nothing really worth knowing. I'm just an explorer on this planet spinning around the sun, like you. Every second is filled with so much energy jiggling, and I can only observe a tiny fraction of it in one tiny section of this massive planet in this massive galaxy, what real knowledge could I ever amass from this minuscule vantage point? Nothing, that's what.

A sink, not an eye...
peace and infinite love

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