Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In the Right Place (Coming Soon!)

Hello friends,

This adventuring creative has been busy beavering away on his new creation for the last month now. That is why there hasn't been many blogs for the last month, that's why there hasn't been much video activity on the improv side, that's why there hasn't been any much of anything else really. I am sure beauty is getting bored of my new songs already!

The Shed, where the first record was recorded.
Before I left England and came to the Netherlands I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs. Now I no longer work for EDF energy I feel I can be a bit more honest about what I did now. I sat at work, being paid rather nicely, and sent emails home to myself with lyrics in them. I would spend a large part of my day constructing these poem/lyric sets and lovingly emailing them home to Beauty to read. I could have my emails open on my screen you see, it was my new way to get back at the internet nazi's. A few months earlier my team at work had been told we were all using the internet to much during work. There was a good reason for this, none of us actually had any work and we all spent all day pretending that we worked. This is true in most offices in my experience, there are just different levels of pretending.

I have decided to go with the title 'in the right place' for my new record. There are 12 songs in total, all the ones I have crafted over June and July. This has been the most exciting writing session of my whole musical career and the reason for this is simple, I had the time to do it. Without draining my soul out in a sweaty office cabin, staring at the clock trying to use mind powers to make time speed up while desperately finding any excuse to get up and walk around just to save my arse cheeks from becoming fussed to my cheap black trousers. Since my adventure began the main thing I have had is the time and space to allow ideas to grow and form properly, rather then trying to sneak a little creativity in-between hours of tedium.

I haven't written much about what I have been up to in the last month, I have been going through a spiritual change with Beauty (I will write about it when I feel comfortable to put it into words) , and the songs I have written in that time reflect my thoughts and feelings regarding a handful of subjects, but not much of it is focused on the change I have been going through. The next set of songs will be I'm sure, that's generally the way it works creatively with me, dust has to settle a little before subjects can be properly written about in song form, otherwise they tend to come out very 'teenage angst'. Age brings with it patience and reflection which allow for creativity to be more focused, the raw materials of creativity are like diamonds in stone, the chipping away of the stone to find the rare diamond in the middle takes time, if rushed then there will always be dirt all over the possible jewel in the centre. I think that metaphor makes sense, but in all fairness I know nothing about diamonds, they probably don't come in rocks for one thing, and I am just to lazy to even check wikipedia on the very computer I am writing this blog. So in my metaphor, this blog is like an unpolished rock, my new songs are the closest I've come to cleaning up sweet diamonds.
The cover for 'In the Right Place'

So the 12 songs will hit the internet soon, track 1 already has (and I imagine probably all of them are out when you are reading this), here is the full track listing.

1.   The Facebook Stalker Guide to Love
2.   No Worries
3.   Circles in the Crops
4.   Another Email
5.   Prime
6.   The Buskers Song (la,la,la)
7.   Cat Found a Home
8.   Sexual Definition in the Age of the Swap
9.   Quiz Master
10. Count Your Blessings
11. Salt
12. Seriously

Each song is about something, I don't tend to just write fluff for fluffs sakes. Some of the subjects are obvious just based on the track name, but some are a little more intricate. I doubt anyone will notice though, no one seems to actually pay attention. Oh well, it wont stop me pumping out loads more stuff for people not to watch or listen to.

Peace and infinite love
Andy x

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