Sunday, 10 July 2016

Given Half A Dance - Cosmic Bos debut single

Hello friends,

It has been a long time coming, but finally here it is, please feast your ears on 'Given Half a Dance' - the first single from the upcoming Cosmic Bos album '7 Billion'.

You can buy this song from iTunes 
                     or you can get it from Amazon 
                            or loads of other places that I can't be bothered to list out for you, what ever your preferred music purchasing outlet is, if you do buy music that is, I guess some people still do (I do). If you just want to rip it for free then so be it, I can't stop you, and at least you would have taken the time to do the ripping, like some kind of serial music thief, a Jack the Ripper for the mp3 era, and I would be honoured to sit on your hard drive as evidence when the media police come knocking at your door to cart you away to download prison.

The awesome video that accompanies the song was directed by Nick Jackson, starred myself (Andy Jackson) as the idiot in the coat, Chris Mace as Treeman and Abi Jackson & Mel Pellatt as the dancing fairies. Also, K-Dog carried loads of gear around while we danced. It was an awesome Treeman Productions production. Visit for all your treeman needs.

So who is 'Cosmic Bos' I hear you all asking (I have exceptional hearing, I can hear a whole load of stuff that other people can't, I can hear stuff that other people didn't even actually say! that's how great my hearing is). Well, Cosmic Bos is a new musical collective, or band (as they were called in the olden days) consisting of Andy Jackson and Chris Mace, it's mainly electronica in nature, with singing and instruments and all that jazz (it isn't Jazz though). Well, 'Given Half a Dance' is the first single, so that gives you an idea. Coming very soon will be the second single 'Lucky Lampshade' with another video. Gosh we don't half spoil you when we finally get round to it.

Later this year we will drop the full album, current working title '7 Billion' (which is an estimate of how many copies we are likely to sell, give or take a few billion). In the meantime just enjoy the current single. Here it is again just in case you missed the first two links above to listen to it.

Thanks for stopping by, you are doing great work here, the internet needs people like you to look at it otherwise it's whole existence is meaningless. Keep it up. If you want to go the extra mile and prove your dedication to procrastination, then please leave a comment or subscribe, OR to be the ultimate devoted time waster (and money waster) then buy a copy of 'Given Half a Dance' by Cosmic Bos, you will be increasing your universal influence by a whopping 3.6% (that is science, I promise you from the bottom of my trousers).

Peace and infinite love
Andy Jackson - Cosmic Bos
single cover, please buy a copy and help change the world (?!)