Sunday, 27 November 2016

Stump the Fee! - Cosmic Bos 3rd single

Hey, how's it going?

Good news over here in Cosmic Bos town, we just dropped the 3rd single from our upcoming debut album. It's exciting times for us indeed, and the song 'Stump the Fee!' focuses on some of the things that might be ruining our times and possibly producing harder times for the people in the future, plus it's quite dance-y. Enjoy :)

You can purchase the song from many good online retailers, it is advised that every human should download it at least twice (3 or 4 times for some 'high' risk areas), but that's up to you, for it will be you who is stumping the fee for Stump the Fee! It isn't that expensive, you can afford it.

iTunes:                                                                                                     Amazon:

Thanks for your continued support in this musical project, it has been a long road but a most fun one indeed. The album that is coming in the nearest of futures feels like something special, and it has been worth all the work. We can't wait to share the whole thing with you.

Since you have made it this far you might be interested in our band camp profile, it is only just starting to blossom but it may very well become a main base of operations in the near future.

Thanks again,
Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos x
Awesome cover art done by Abi Jackson 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Stump the Fee! coming 26th November

Hello, how's it going?

Good news, Cosmic Bos will be releasing 'Stump the Fee!' (the 3rd single from the upcoming debut album) on the 26th of November 2016. It's a big dance number with a powerful message about the state of the world, at least, I think it's powerful, it might not be your opinion, and if so, that's fine, let's discuss this, we need more open forums for conversation. #StumpTheFee! #StopFracking

3rd single, the Fee has been Stumped!

Here's the cover, a video will drop along with the single, I hope you have a few pennies to help support us by purchasing the single, the links will be all over Facebook and youtube and right here in this very blog.

Anyway, have a lovely week, and I look forward to sharing the next slice of Bos with you.

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos x

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Coming later this month... 'Stump the Fee!'

Hey, how are you?

Just a quick blog to tell you that 'Stump the Fee!' will be the next single release by Cosmic Bos.

The debut album '7 Billion' is almost finished, just needs a last little lick of paint and a quick master up and then it will be available to all humans (all 7.4 billion of them). Until then though, the third single will be out to help ease the wait. 'Stump the Fee!' an environmental social awareness dance protest song for the new generation, stop the fracking up of the planet. 26th November 2016. It's coming.

Peace and infinite love

Cosmic Bos x