Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Moon of Life and Death

Big full moon,

A full moon of life and death. Reaching endings and fresh beginnings, marching ever onward through time in a universe that never stays still.

There are two inevitable things about life, things you can't avoid (yet... that could change with the invention of new technology). No. 1 - Change, and No. 2 - Death.

The moon and the sun both act as good analogies for these two seemingly unavoidable facts of life. Over the course of a single day the Earth rotates at such a speed as to give it's inhabitants the illusion of the Sun rising and falling, but in reality the sun is merely rotating around the central point of our galaxy, it does not rise or fall at all. The Sun will eventually die, it won't be tomorrow (probably), but it will eventually meet some kind of end. The Sun will change over time, a much larger time scale then a single human life of course, but never the less, it will go through drastic changes.

The moon has a pattern of it's own, showing itself to us a bit at a time, until it is full, and then removing a bit at a time until it is gone, to once again start showing itself to us. These cycles of change represented to us by the celestial bodies of our solar system can be seen reflected in the cycle of the seasons, and the life cycles of all the inhabitants of Earth.

A cosmic dancing of energy that is taking place on levels both infinitesimally small and infinitesimally large acts as a blueprint for all creation, and every single section of this vast awesomeness is only really capable of interacting and understanding an infinitesimally tiny section of the whole, so as to render it's understanding meaningless and allow for exploration of something new.

So put bluntly, none of us know anything of any worth and we should pay more attention so we could possibly learn a tiny bit more before we all explode one by one like the sun.

This blog was bought to you by : Changes in my life, [adj]

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter adventures - (Greg Kinnear edition)

So friends,
This blog contain 30% Greg Kinnear

Not sure if you know this or not, but I'm working at the a proper job! Oh yes I am working for the man again, for the first time in a long time. It sucks, it really doesn't suit me, I think I might be allergic to conventional work, but anyway, I gotta do it, I need the money to live. The only real plus about work is that my beauty works in the same place, so we get to see each other sometimes.

I can't tell you about my job because it is super top secret and I am sworn to secrecy (I had to sign a form and everything!), all I can say is that it is basic office work in a warehouse. That's it, I've told you to much, they will be after me soon...

My winter adventures have something to do with this job, hence my mentioning it. On Friday it was scheduled to snow down here (or up here - depending on where you are of course), in the morning I got up as per usual and had coffee and breakfast. There was no snow...yet. As beauty and I left the house and began walking to the station, it was not snowing. We got to work, and it was snowing then. After a few hours at work, we were all sent home because it was snowing heavily. We spent half an hour at the station freezing, watching the trains get delayed more and more (and once, just once, it was un-delayed!, we all screamed "Un-delay, un-delay", but it didn't happen again.) It felt like a trial, a test, man against nature. Nature won and man got very cold and icy wet.

"God damn it Greg, it's snowing everywhere"
... "No need to shout friend, I Kin-hear you just fine"
We managed to get home, faster then the cars in fact. We walked for an hour keeping pace with the cars the whole time. Oh this country is funny when we get a little adverse weather, it all comes grinding to a halt. It's beautiful though, feels like the clouds come down to our level for a bit of down time.

I wrote two songs with my brother Nick in the afternoon, while the snow kept falling. A much better way to spend the time. I tackled the elements and almost lost my toes to ice leprosy, but it was worth it to have the afternoon making music with Nick. One day in the future, Nick and I will write an entire album of songs about Greg Kinnear, it will be the most misunderstood album about a famous person named Greg ever.
"Get me a copy of that album about me now, and also some anti Popeye cream"

Well if you can't hear it, you should Greg Kinnear it...

The two songs we wrote during the blizzard were not Greg Kinnear related, but the improvised versions both before and after the actual writing contained several references to both Greg and Kinnear.

The next day there was still snow everywhere, but this would not deter me from making to trip to Studio Stax and getting two new demos recorded with the help of Mr Donny Stax and Mr Truth. Two whole demos finished in about 5 hours. That might not sound that impressive, but it feels impressive to me, and I'm sure if we asked Greg he would agree. We got sick beats, some sweet strings, layers of guitar and vocals, and a hefty dose of How Bout That to boot.

The year is looking good so far...
isn't it Greg?
"Yeah, yeah it's looking good Andy"

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

No. 1 in the Reverbnation singer/songwriter charts

Hello friends,

I'm number 1 in the local charts for singer/songwriters on Reverbnation, check out my page on this link here

Or you can enjoy the songs from my profile right here in the blog, they are just below these words.

Big thanks to everyone that helped me get to the top, I shall not fail you now that I am your leader, I shall always do my best to make music that you want to hear.

Peace and infinite love
[adj] - Andy D Jackson

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 - Day 1 : Sunshine & Magic

Hello friends,

Day 1 of year 2013 in the Gregorian calendar

We all successfully survived the ending of the world, the new world is here and it looks pretty good. I can't really see much difference between this brand new age world and the old treacly world we were in before it all ended...I guess it takes time, I'll keep a lookout for us.

I'm going to add another title to my .... err ... title (clearly not adding words to my vocabulary though)

From today onwards I shall be known as the Adventuring Creative Wizard, I'm adding real magic to my rostrum of self congratulatory names and coming out of the magic closet as it were. I've always been a wizard, as long as I can remember I've had special magical powers that I keep under lock and key in a metal safe in my brain, I haven't been able to find the key, I'm sure it's around here somewhere with my other keys. I did put one of those clap responsive beepy things with the keys, but I must have set it to silent or something, coz no matter how hard I clap my hands I can't hear a beep!

I decided as this important year has now begun, it's time to rethink and just forget about the key altogether, I don't need the key, I just need some extra strength mind metal dissolving acid, and I happen to have a whole vat of that in my imagination right now, so the dissolving process has begun and soon all of the magical powers in that locked part of my brain will come shooting out and evolve me into the Wizard I am. The acid is very effective, it took no time at all to get rid of that mental metal lock, and now the magical powers are seeping out into every part of me. If you would like to get rid of that pesky magic lock in your mind as well then you are more then welcome to have some of my acid, just imagine an empty jug and I'll fill it with acid for you.

Okay, so for my first magical experience of 2013 I am going to predict the future. I know this is probably the easiest of the powers to master straight off the bat. For this I have done some automatic writing out in the sunshine. Below are the results...

Wizard powers engaged 
It doesn't make much sense, in fact, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever...yet. Maybe in the future it will, when the squiggly predictions come true and I can go back over them and tell you all what it says in retrospect. This might seem like cheating, and in many ways it is, but in other ways that are mystical and powerful it isn't.

My predictions are my own, and involve my life (as well as other people that influence my life), you might very well be one of them. If you are then please have a healing energy light bubble on me, and an infinite luck bubble too. Close your eyes and they will be waiting for you on the inside lids. No need to thank me, I got a job lot of both bubble types off the back of an ether-truck that got lost on it's way to the past (I gave them precise directions and I let them have a go on my new sweet ass hover go-kart in exchange for the job-lot, everyone was a winner).

It's about to get intense...fasten your mind belts.

If that made any sense to you then you are on the way to becoming a master wizard as well. Now pick up your big pointy hat and meet me in the etherworld.

Magic and Infinite Love to you
[adj] - Andy D Jackson (Wizard)